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Add:Jiangsu Xinghua Economic Development Zone No.10
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About us
    Xinghua Jinghe Processing Plant Machinery is located in the famous hometown of one of the eight eccentrics of yangzhou Zheng Banqiao, beautiful land of fish and rice, dehydrated vegetables production and processing of world-famous base -- -- -- -- -- xinghua wang horizontal economic development zone. Salt factory near water flux white TuHe, xing provincial highway, surrounded by dozens of dehydrated vegetables manufacturers around, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.
    Our factory has nearly 10 years history of mechanical manufacture dehydrated vegetables, is located in the city more than 90 nestling of dehydrated vegetables manufacturers, in order to adapt to the customers of mechanical equipment performance, quality, service demand is becoming more and more internationalization, standardization, fine grain machinery has always been committed to the development of products, development and innovation, mechanical product is a blend of both German concise, durable, practical design concept, single-beam crane and adhering to the exquisite processing technology in Japan, at the same time combines the practical experience for decades dehydration machinery industry in the city, make the factory production machinery best-selling domestic major provinces and cities, also won the Europe and the United States, Japan, Russia, Thailand and other foreign customers love, orders.
Tel:0523-83899899  Fax:0523-83896899  Add:Jiangsu Xinghua Economic Development Zone No.10  Zip Code:225700
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